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Smokin'Baby is slang for Obama!

He is a Smoker and a Crybaby thus Smokin'Baby.

Visit Smokin'Baby Donut Bar & Art Gallery

before Barack Hussein Obama

seizes my billboard and closes Smokin'Baby down.

We're located at 854 North State Road 21, Melrose, FL.

I own the bravest billboard in America which I use

to ridicule the smartest man on the planet.

My billboard has become a destination point for all people

who believe in the first and second amendments

to the Constitution of the United States.

I invite you to come by and see it for yourself.

We are America's First and Only Conservative Coffee Shop.

Mingle among friends and like minded Compatriots,

while you savor a cup of Gourmet Coffee

and enjoy one of our fresh Donuts.

We are a conservative establishment where you can buy

Posters and T-shirts mocking Barack Hussein Obama.

Meet me, the owner, artist Duane Webster.

Purchase my artwork which expresses

our aggravation with the Obama regime.


Welcome to Smokin'Baby's online store.

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I am an Artist, a U.S. Marine, a gunshot survivor, a disabled veteran, an angry voter, and I own and operate America's only Conservative Coffee House.

Using my intellect, along with Barack Hussein Obama's failure and incompetence, I create clever satire which is displayed in my Donut Shop, "Smokin'Baby".

I am tired of liberal idiots forcing their agenda down my throat.

Liberals used to say "I don't like what your saying, however I will defend to the death your right to say it." Unfortunately those days are gone!

Liberalism is at work occupying and masquerading as the "New Religion". Liberalism has become a religion. An oppressive religion. A tyrannical religion. Liberalism has been used as a weapon under Barack Hussein Obama, and accepted as the "New Religion" to his Masses. Liberalism like dictatorships force its subjects to conform and join it by enforcing authoritarian rule, advancing social control and thr use of coersion. You must become orientated in the new religion or be subjected to an onslaught of attacks from all sectors of society... including our government. Remember the IRS attacking conservative Tea Party businesses? Liberalism is at work occupying and masquerading as the "New Religion".

With 68 Million Americans Jobless. Barack Hussein Obama has done nothing to help me, or our country!!! He does however, help his crony capitalist friends, remember Solyndra? $635 Billion. Yes that is a "B" for Billion. What an Ass, as in Jack-Ass.

Fairly fitting when you realize that Barack Hussein Obama's party selects a Jackass as their mascot.

I detest Professional Politicians like Bill McCollum, Charlie Crist, Nancy Pelosi, Barney Frank, Elizabeth Warren and Barack Hussein Obama, who all try to take credit for making my life better.

Professional Politicians do not believe in "We the people".

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    I am a Hypocrite... and I do not want Lawful Citizens possessing guns. Thomas Sowell says Obama is the racist. -P1 President Reagan on Communism -R1
    (1) Obama is a criminal.Thomas Sowell says Obama is the racist. -P1 President Reagan on Communism -R1

     My regime sold almost 3,000 Assault Weapons to known Criminals and Drug Dealers.






    Smokin'Baby's posters are created by conservative artist Duane Webster.

    My posters measure 18 by 24 inches. Framed they are an excellent way of reminding others of Obama's failure. I enjoy poking  the smartest man on the planet, in the face with my provocative art.

    As an Angry Voter. I started designing political posters to express my irritation at professional politicians.  Smokin'Baby is a political satire company providing mockery and scorn on posters and T-shirts. I am dedicated to giving our customers the most compelling and entertaining Political Satire ever produced. Disappointed citizens everywhere can identify with my ridicule.  I print what people know to be true, but can't say out loud.

    Smokin'Baby's posters speak volumes and emphasize the extreme disappointment of Barack Hussein Obama and his administration. My verbal zingers are skillfully written and dripping with sophisticated contempt, mockery and scorn.

    Use my creative and informative posters as a beacon of personal protest.

    Smokin'Baby will continue to poke fun at all Professional Politicians and their failures.

    It is my money that prints my posters and T-shirts. It is my toil that distributes my artwork and products. I took the risks. I took the chances. If I fail, I lose, not the government, not Elizabeth Warren, not Barack Hussein Obama. If I win, I do it on my own... with my own efforts... and ideas. 

    I pay for what I can't do. Nobody gives me a free ride. I pay for it... so saying I did not do it is a flat out lie!

    I DID DO IT!!